Company introduction

Founded in 2005, GENE100 is the leading provider of Action Learning services in China, which help to develop better leadership pipelines, organizational capabilities & performance for clients. GENE100 has an exclusive focus on action learning research and practices.

Working with our strategic partners, GENE100 provides services to more than 200 state-owned enterprises, joint ventures, multi-national companies and large private organizations in China. Our clients include most Chinese enterprises in World Fortune 500, like COFCO, STATE GRID, INDUSTRIAL&COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA, CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK, CHINA MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS, CHINA UNITED NETWORK COMMUNICATION, LENOVO GROUP, CHINA DATANG, etc.

In 2013, GENE became the first agent of Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS) in PRC, and began to offer SPOT certifications. Gene100 Management Consultancy is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership with the UK based Centre for Action Learning Facilitation (C-alf). 
C-alf is an approved centre for the delivery of Institute for Leadership and Management qualifications, and will be offering these programmes and research on action learning facilitation through Gene 100 throughout mainland China

The ILM level 5 qualification in Action Learning Facilitation is a 6 day university level programme. Successful candidates will be awarded the ILM level 5 Certificate in Action Learning Facilitation. This qualification is registered on the OFQual framework (non ministerial government body) and can lead to a Master’s qualification currently through Leeds Metropolitan University in UK and China

In addition to GENESTUDY focused on Learning Maps, GENE100 has established 2 other strategic business units: ORGANIZATION CENTER for organizational development & coach certifications, and LEADERSHIP CENTER for leadership pipeline development.
Our Mission
To help Chinese enterprises enhance their competiveness in a global market.
Our Vision
To Lead Action Learning research & practices in China
Our Core Values
Love and Trust, International Perspective, Lead with Professionalism, Continuous Innovation, and Collective Development
Leadership Development

The essence of action learning concerns the solution of true problems and develops capacities while enhancing the performance, so as to realize the organic integration of capability development and performance enhancement, namely, to stimulate performance improvement via capability development and drive capability development through improved performance.

GENECHAIN insists on the principle that action learning is one of the most effective modes of leadership development:
The leader's objective of capability development is mainly triggered by the demands for solving the real performance-related problems and the cultivation for leader force at all levels. Hence, in the designs of action learning project, we shall target at the advancement maps of leader force and precisely identify the capability development objective in combination of true performance challenges of managers at all levels, so as to bring the leadership development into the process of solving the real problems, which not only enhances the performance in term of employees, teams, businesses and organization but also effectively develops the core leadership of all levels of leaders.
Effective leadership development project follows the ALPS (Standard—Assessment—Learning—Practice) design concept of GENECHAIN. Numerous methodologies and elements are integrated for leadership development, so that the action learning can fully exert its true role and value in developing the leadership.

Leadership Assessment & Consulting
Advanced technology for quality model construction
Matured full-view assessment services
Unique stereoscopic assessment tools
Concentrated on quality assessment and development
Outstanding full-time professional consultation teams
Action Learning Organization Development

GENECHAIN utilized its in-depth research and practical experience for years, and hammered out two action learning product series for projects and workshops to promote the organization development, after summary and refinement.

Project-oriented Action Learning Product is a project-based mode. The product is to solve problems, exercise teams, absorb experience, promote enterprises to enhance organization performance, development organization capability and advance organization innovations, after the action learning team conducts exploration and enhancement for 3-6 months.

Workshop-oriented Action Learning Product is a mode targeting the workshops. Through 2-3 days symposium elaborately designed, this product can help enterprise look for solutions to key problems and facilitate all departments to reach the consensus.

Action Learning Technological Development

In the later 1990s, the action learning was gradually accepted and utilized by a few of foreign advanced enterprises (such as GE, Citibank, Shell Oil, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, AT&T, IBM and DuPont, etc.) and amazing effects were achieved. The action learning was reputed as the "secret weapon to quickly enhance the practical ability and performance improvement". In China, action learning also wins the acknowledge of numerous excellent enterprises and has become one of important approaches to develop the enterprise talents, enhance organization capacities and solve business-related problems.

The action learning is an open system and continuously absorbs the latest results of the fields like education science, psychology and systematology. The action learning is still under fast development, so the different schools at home and aboard have their respective outlook and recognition on what the action learning is.

Level 1: Foundation Chapter: Uncover "what the action learning is and what its core value is" and establish the preliminary awareness to the action learning through introductions of basic theory and method of action learning; grasp the core technology in the learning of "structured learning guidance technology";

Level 2: Professional Chapter: Training DFC professional facilitator systematically in three dimensions, namely, project design, assignment guidance and action learning coach;

Level 3: Advancement Chapter: respectively conduct special advancement for the DFC professional facilitator from three modules (project design, assignment guidance and action learning coach);

Level 4: In-depth Chapter: Highlight the target-oriented exercises for three core technologies (questioning, feedback and team thinking visualization) based on comprehensive learning three modules for DFC professional facilitators.

The leadership development projects and organization development projects based on action learning cannot be performed without the professionals who have real understanding to the connotation of action learning, grasp the technologies of action learning coach, assignment guidance and project design. GENECHAIN combines its theoretical research and consulting practices and makes more efforts to achieve localization of action learning technologies.

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